June 4, 2007

Let The Shuffling Begin

There's nothing official about it on the Reds' official site yet, but Brad Salmon and DeWayne Wise are no longer listed on the active roster there, and I'm seeing reports that they've been sent down and that Josh Hamilton and Todd Coffey have been called up from Louisville and will join the team in St. Louis tomorrow for the game against the Cardinals.

Those are the facts. Want an opinion? Hamilton coming back is a good thing. Coffey, I'm not so sure about.

This is an off day for the Reds, so there's no game thread and not much else to do except perform the cyber equivalent of standing in the front window waiting to exclaim “Mama's home!” when RHM returns to resume command of this particular corner of the World Wide Web. Until then, I'm going to go play with the two new radios I bought Saturday and hope that Homer Bailey doesn't live up to his name this coming weekend (Homer, what an ironic name for a pitcher to have) unless it's with a bat in his hands.

John, KC2HMZ
No Subsitute for the Real RHM

6 comments to “Let The Shuffling Begin”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    And the moves are on the Reds’ official site now. Hamilton will be activated from the DL before the game and Coffey will be recalled from Louisville; Wise will be DFA’ed and Salmon optioned to Louisville.

    Seeing as how this site has “scooped” the Reds’ own website on their own news, I feel I’ve done my duty. Now do yours and go vote for Ken Griffey, Jr. in the all-star balloting.


  2. joeberk says:

    It doesn’t matter because Narron will continue to bring out Stanton and/or Weathers any time he needs a lead blown while others just sit there. What’s he saving McBeth for – the 4th of July?

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    Amen, brother. And what about Javy? I just want to defenestrate something when I hear that Moeller’s in. And if I have to withstand another thinly veiled comment about him not knowing how to call a game, I may burst.

    Even if Narron doesn’t like the way the Latin Love Machine calls a game, he’s can’t hate the way he hits. He can send the freaking signals from the dugout if he’s so freaking concerned about it. Of course, with Narron’s preference for trying the same ridiculous thing over and over and over and over, he’d probably just call for the eephus every time.

  4. joeberk says:

    Narron has some guys on his permanent double secret probation list – like all the pitchers under 35.

    Look at EdE – he sneezed once without covering his mouth and got sent to AAA.

    This is the same manager who thinks Farley’s an everyday guy. He’s a great utility 3-4 starts a week guy – but not an everyday guy.

    I’m not saying the Reds would win the World Series with another manager. I’m just saying Narron’s screwing up what talent they do have.

  5. smartelf says:

    Valentin deserves more playing time, I agree. And Moeller is a scrub … but Narron has no ability to evaluate his own talent and has always had a fondness for mediocre players. This is a man that batted Royce Clayton 2nd in the lineup when his previous two teams never batted him higher than 8th. If Narron doesn’t go soon this season is officially a wash. I am thinking the brass has dubbed this a rebuilding year because of the Griffey and Milton contract. Slowly but surely the young guys will get brought up and the old guys will get moved out.

  6. joeberk says:

    I recall seeing that the ERA of the pitchers was a solid 2 runs lower when Ross was catching, as opposed to Valentin. I don’t know if that’s still the case or not.

    As bad as the Central is the Reds are still in it – which is sad, but true.