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June 6, 2007

Plunk Pujols

I was so proud of the Reds for walking Pujols when it counted yesterday. I thought that--as an organization--they'd finally learned something.

But then tonight. Even after Arroyo gives up a homer to who-the-hell-is Ryan Ludwick, even after he surrenders a single to Eckstein, even though it's clear that he's absolutely at the end of his effectiveness, they give Pujols the opportunity to hit a homer.

Walk the man, I say. I don't care that you just did it last night. Hell, it worked last night. I don't care that the crowd will boo. All the better to irritate Cards fans, I say.

On second though, don't walk him. Hit the guy. Let's see what LaRussa would have to say to that.

June 6, 2007

Reds at Cards: June 6 Game Thread

Bellyscratcher and her proxy will both be at the games, live and in person, tonight and tomorrow, but I bet I can still come up with a few smart alecky things to say about the Cardinals. Let's see who's going to be playing for our boys:

Scott Hatteberg 1B
Brandon Phillips 2B
Ken Griffey, Jr. RF
Adam Dunn LF
Edwin Encarnación 3B
Josh Hamilton CF
David Ross C
Juan Castro SS
Bronson Arroyo P

I'm pleased to see Castro batting eighth (though I do wonder whether ninth might not be more appropriate). I'm also interested to see how young Brad Thompson does starting a game. If Arroyo's pattern the last three games holds, and the rest of the team's pattern the last two months holds, Thompson is going to look like a stud.