June 14, 2007

That Ship Has Sailed

Ya think?


Looks like the Reds are trying for the comeback, though. C'mon guys! Prove my smart-alecry premature!

2 comments to “That Ship Has Sailed”

  1. smartelf says:

    The bullpen is the worst in the history of baseball. And Majewski you have proved to me beyond the shadow of a doubt you are every bit the heap of steaming dung I knew you were when I watched you kill our season last year. You should be ashamed to be a multi-millionaire and you should immediately donate 98% of your salary to any worthwhile cause that doesn’t involve torturing children by losing continuously before them. Narron, to still go to Majewski and Stanton in crunch time is beyond comprehension and defense. He is clearly Jerry Moron. This team’s colelctive IQ is about 65. The rest of the league continues to laugh… and I can only sit here on the sideline broke as a joke being underapreciated and ignored depite having the clarity to identify all the problems and weak spots. I am not alone, I realize, and together we are becoming a frustrated angry mob that will forever hate the people involved in this wretched disgrace.

  2. BubbaFan says:

    This game was agony. I was at work, following via Trent’s blog. Very frustrating to see Super Colon Blow mow down the Reds the way he did. Then the Reds finally put some numbers on the board, only to have the pen collapse. Again.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, Trent’s blog exploded in flames, kinda like the Reds’ bullpen, when someone started wondering if Josh Hamilton was hungover. Dunno why it was such a hot issue today. Everyone wondered if Arroyo’s “flu-like symptoms” were a hangover (and he turned out to be really sick, poor guy), and it was no big deal. And a couple of people posted to Trent’s blog a few weeks ago, saying they’d seen Hamilton out on the town boozing it up on two different occasions, and that didn’t cause a ruckus, either. Today, kaboom. I guess everyone’s pissy because we’re losing. 😛