June 21, 2007

IMDB Does the Best Marriage Announcements

Someone tipped me off to a story in the Enquirer in April that mentioned Adam Dunn having gotten married. I asked around, but got the cold shoulder from the people who would know (jerks) so I didn't have much to report.

Thank you Internet Movie Database for coming to the rescue (and thanks to the loyal reader who sent the tip). As you can see here, Dunn is listed as being married to one Rachel Brown as of November 27, 2006. It also lists him as bearing a resemblance to Will Ferrell, so you know the info is good.

4 comments to “IMDB Does the Best Marriage Announcements”

  1. Joel says:

    Hey, my anniversary is the same day. I guess Thanksgiving weekend is a more popular wedding time than I thought. Mmmm, turkey and cake.

  2. ctr says:

    yeah… he got married this offseason… why didn’t you just ask me?

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    From an e-mail dated 4/26/2007:
    [quote]Hey, Trent,
    I haven’t seen any mention in the media of Dunn being married, but then a Dunn fangirl sent me this link saying that he is. That jerk Mark Sheldon didn’t respond to my question asking for confirmation one way or the other. I know that you’ll come through for me, man: what’s the deal?

    Red Hot Mama

    The message didn’t get bounced. Are you not trosecrans-at-cincypost.com? Or were you be sarcastic?

  4. BubbaFan says:

    Trent has said not to use the CincyPost addy. The mail just doesn’t get to him with that address. He now has a Gmail addy.