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June 27, 2007

Biggio on Pace for Milestones

Earlier I posted about the 10,000 franchise losses soon to be accomplished by the Phillies, but there's a milestone about to be reached in our own division.

Craig Biggio of the Houston Astros will soon achieve 3,000 hits. Perhaps not so impressive to Reds fans, but hardly a number to sneeze at. He's still three short of this milestone, and, apparently someone loves the suspense, because he got the day off today in the Astros' 6-3 loss to the Brewers.

Of course, I won't be really impressed until he gets 3,000 HPB, but since he's currently sitting on 283 (just four short of Hughie Jennings), I'm guessing I won't get to see that particular achievement. But imagine how amazing that would be: he'd be like a human quilt with all the stitch marks in his skin.

Thanks for the tip from AstroCast. Facts from The Official Site of the Houston Astros and Plunk Biggio.

PS - Since I'm apparently writing about the Astros tonight, you can find out more about the team at Astro Asylum, where all those crazy Astronomicals fans hang out.

June 27, 2007

As If the Quality Play on the Field Weren’t Enough

CINCINNATI -- The Cincinnati Reds and United Dairy Farmers are teaming up to provide fans with free gasoline.

Through July 29, fans who purchase four tickets to any game the rest of the season can receive a coupon good for $10 or $20 in free gas at Greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus UDF stores. The amount of the free gasoline coupon will depend on the seat location of the tickets.

To take advantage of this offer, fans must purchase tickets in increments of four via the internet at reds.com/udf or by phone at (513) 381-REDS. The special cannot be used in conjunction with any other ticket discount offer.

Tickets must be purchased in advance of game day and be picked up at the ticket kiosks located at Great American Ball Park's Crosley Terrace and Gapper's Alley or at the Kenwood Towne Centre. The free gasoline coupon will be included with the kiosk's ticket printouts.

June 27, 2007

The Power of Tradition

So, the Reds are pretty bad this year. I think it's fair to say they're squandering tons of talent and depriving some truly promising players of the opportunity to contribute to a contending organization. They're the worst team in the worst division and there's no reason to believe that's going to change any time soon. But even though our Cincinnati boys have been bad for the better part of a decade, you cannot deny that the Redlegs have a proud tradition and a legacy of winning.

Unlike their opponents tonight, the Phillies.

If you haven't heard, Philadelphia is coming up on 10,000 franchise losses. They'll be the first organization to meet that milestone, the Braves being a solid 300 losses behind on pace to that distinction. Philadelphia Weekly Online talks about this and other black marks on the history of baseball in the City of Brotherly Love in “Losing Proposition: How a foul ball and an 11-year-old kid still define our feelings about Phillies management 85 years later.”

Check it out when you get tired of reading about how bad the Reds are.

June 27, 2007

Tied at Zeroes in the Bottom of Four

Am I really looking at the Reds NOT losing in the bottom of the fourth inning? Thank you, Aaron Harang for festering in Cincinnati for us!

Josh Hamilton leads off the line-up tonight. At the Red Hot Mama house, we're not super-psyched about this. As the CTS pointed out earlier, unlike Adam Dunn, Hamilton 1) is not an on-base machine, and 2) actually hits with runners on. He's not the best choice for the one-slot. I expect Narron to be quoted saying that he was trying to mix things up or make the line-up lefty-heavy, and Heaven help us if it works. Actually, I don't think we'll see the same line-up two days in the row regardless of whether wacky construction works, so never mind.

Today I got an invitation in the mail from the Reds Community Fund to an event called “Day at the Diamond.” Here's the description:

This special evening at Great American Ball Park will include a roving feast in the Diamond Club, dugouts and FSN Ohio Club 4192 followed by dancing. Ticket price includes parking, dinner, drinks, dancing and a souvenir.

What is that ticket price, you might ask? Just a scant $400 per couple. If you're a “Host/Hostess” (I'm presuming they're not talking about the cream pies), it's $600 for you to get in. If you're a “Home Run Hitter,” it's going to cost you a cool grand to get through the door.

That's pretty steep, but I have to admit that my interest is piqued by this “Red Tie Optional” event. Just think: a roving feast in Club 4192! I might run into George Grande or Tom Browning! I could really make the CTS wear a red tie!

I'll have to look into it. You'll know if I go: I'll have to blog about it to count it as a business expense.

Meanwhile, am I really looking at the Reds NOT losing in the bottom of the fifth? w00t!!