June 30, 2007

Barry Bonds Breakdown VS. Reds

Below are some of the numbers for Barry Bonds in his career versus the Reds. Bonds currently has 750 HRs and is on the march to break Henry Aarons all-time record of 755 HR in a career. Hopefully, the record tying or record breaking home run will not occur against the Reds when the Giants visit Cincinnati June 3-5.

Barry Bonds Breakdown
(2007 and vs. Reds SP)

All stats as of June 29, 2007

Bonds Needs 5 to tie all-time HR record, 6 to break it

71 Games played out of 78 total games on Giants' schedule
Last full day off: Wednesday, June 27
16 Home runs
191 At-Bats
2.69 AB per Game
1 Home run per 12 At-bats

2 games in Arizona = 5.38 ABs = 0 HRs
2 games in Arizona plus 3 games in Cincinnati = 5 games = 13.45 AB = 1 HR

63 Games vs. RHP
12 of 16 HR vs. RHP
5 of 16 HR on the road

History at Great American Ballpark:
1 HR in 2006 (to right field)
1 HR in 2003 (to right field)

Pitching Probables July 3-5

Tuesday vs. Aaron Harang (give up 9 HR this season)
1 HR, 1-4 in Great American Ballpark (2006)
1-4 in AT&T Park (2006)

Wednesday vs. Bronson Arroyo (given up 9 HR this season)
0-3, BB in Great American Ballpark (2006)

Thursday vs. Matt Belisle (given up 13 HR this season)
1-1 in AT&T Park (2006)
0-9 in Great American Ballpark (2004)
3-6, 2 HR in SBC Park (AT&T) in (2004)


If these numbers hold out and depending on how many games Bonds sits out or does not record a pinch-hit home run, the record will come sometime between the 13th and 31st of July. It is also possible for him to have a multi-home run game at any time; most likely against the Chicago Cubs depending on what direction and how hard the wind is blowing at Wrigley Field. Of course, with the All-Star break in San Francisco and a subsequent three-game series at AT&T Park allows for Bonds to continue to play without any days off.

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