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September 10, 2007

Episode 75: It’s All Over but for Punching Pujols

September is flying by faster than it has since my senior year of high school, and the Reds having two off days per week isn’t helping it feel any less like the season is already over. This week on the podcast the Crack Technical Staff and I try to stir up some flames in the dying embers of the Reds:

  • How could the Reds finish so poorly when things seemed so promising in April? Was the loss of Eric Milton really so devastating?
  • Ryan Jorgensen actual banned substance offense and Rick Ankiel’s alleged one
  • Could some lightly toasted bread topped with honey and cinnamon give the Reds’ management the boost they need to turn the team around?

The Reds host the Cardinals starting tomorrow, and while I don’t actually have any hope for them winning, I do sort of hope that Brandon Phillips gets the chance to throw through Albert Pujols’ head.

Episode 75: It’s All Over but for Punching Pujols (21.4MB, 31:01)

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