September 12, 2007

Just Eight and a Half Games to Go

Mark my words: beating the Cardinals will be the springboard that finally launches the talent-heavy Reds to the top of the division to sniff the postseason for the first time, well, ever as long as I've been a fan. You'll see. You'll see!

Javy catches Arroyo tonight. Let's see them keep their perfect record.

Your Cincinnati Reds
Josh Hamilton CF
Alex Gonzalez SS
Ken Griffey, Jr RF
Brandon Phillips 2B
Adam Dunn LF
Edwin Encarnación 3B
Joey Votto 1B
Javier Valentín C
Bronson Arroyo P

27 comments to “Just Eight and a Half Games to Go”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    It’s dog night again? Didn’t they just have dog night?

    I like the black lab with the Bronson Arroyo wig that was just on FSNO, though. I thought it made a statement.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    That looked like the least painful HBP ever.

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    I’m up and down making supper, and I’m glad to see that Eckstein’s time on base didn’t hurt too bad.

  4. Red Hot Mama says:

    Mr. Phillips is at 28 homers and 29 stolen bases. I’m so glad that he has something to play for. I hope that he gets appropriate Gold Glove consideration. It’s not his fault the bullpen bites.

  5. Red Hot Mama says:

    We’ve been singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at our house a lot lately. It warms my heart to know that, according to my son, “root, root, root for the Redlegs” is the only way to sing it.

  6. Red Hot Mama says:

    all right, and Bronson aboard via HBP. Retribution for hitting Eck earlier?

  7. Red Hot Mama says:

    Chris Welsh just said it was Arroyo’s first career HBP. The benefits of playing in Boston for so long? What about his time in Pittsburgh?

  8. Red Hot Mama says:

    Gonzalez is hurt. Hope he’s doing OK.

  9. Red Hot Mama says:

    Brandon Phillips: 29/29 man.


  10. Red Hot Mama says:

    Edwin Encarnacion: 13/8 man.

    That’s what spending a serious chunk of the season in AAA will do to ya.

  11. BubbaFan says:

    They said before the game that it was the first time they’d ever had a dog night.

  12. Red Hot Mama says:

    I could’ve sworn that Chris and George talked about bringing their dogs in a week or so ago. Maybe they were saying what it was going to be like.

  13. BubbaFan says:

    I wonder what the squeakie toys look like?

  14. Red Hot Mama says:

    All right, the latest Junie B. Jones book (“Boss of Lunch”) has been read and I’m back to see the rest of the game. I’ve been pulled in every damn direction for the last couple hours, but maybe I can enjoy some baseball now…

    What? Stanton’s pitching??

  15. Red Hot Mama says:

    Russel Branyan just broke his bat over his knee. What a child. It’s SO not the time for that.

    Good thing he doesn’t do that every time he strikes out or there wouldn’t be a tree left on earth.

  16. Red Hot Mama says:

    If the dogs ran onto the field, would they be arrested?

  17. BubbaFan says:

    LOL! Never seen a dog on the field, but I did see a cat in the outfield once. They had to stop the game while the ballboys went to get it. The sound guy played Semisonic’s [i]Closing Time[/i] during the chase. “You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.”

  18. Red Hot Mama says:

    Seems like an obvious “Stray Cat Strut” opportunity.

  19. Red Hot Mama says:

    Tomorrow’s game is at 12:35, but I’ll be at work. I haven’t tested this company’s policy about streaming anything yet. Hmmm….

  20. Red Hot Mama says:

    I’m feeling for the Cards tonight. They’re decimated by injuries, out of off-days, and getting beat by the Reds. It’s got to be tough to be unlucky when you’re so used to things going your way.

  21. BubbaFan says:

    Man, the Cards have really crashed and burned this past week.

  22. Red Hot Mama says:

    Phillips got the 30th stolen base? I missed it!

  23. BubbaFan says:

    Yup, BP got his 30th SB. And his 29th HR, I think, so he just needs one more dinger to join the 30-30 club.

  24. Sorry I wasn’t here – unexpected dinner with dad. But I’m ready for today’s game!

  25. otto says:

    I wondered what happened to Kelly Stinnett

  26. Red Hot Mama says:

    Sorry to miss you today, Bellyscratcher. My desk at work is in the middle of the hallway, so there’s no sneaking in comments on the ol’ blog. Good luck with those Cubs. If you could get them all nice and worn out for us, that’d be awesome.

    Kelly Stinnett lives in the hearts of all baseball fans, otto.