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September 13, 2007

Dunn Could Learn Something

Way to fight 'em offBuck Coats was out in this at-bat, but nice job defending the plate!
September 13, 2007

Arroyo’s New Record

Among the many changes the Reds have enjoyed with a new manager midway through the season has been allowing Javier Valetín to start some games, particularly those in which Bronson Arroyo takes the mound. Though you might be interested to see how that's worked out for Arroyo so far:

Date Catcher Bronson's result
09/12 Javy Win
09/07 Javy Win
09/02 Ross Loss
08/28 Ross No decision
08/22 Javy Win
08/17 Javy Win
08/12 Ross Loss
08/07 Ross Win
08/01 Ross Loss

Of Arroyo's nine wins on the season, four have come while Javy is catching. Of his fourteen loses, zero have come while Javy's behind the plate. This really isn't too much of a surprise, since run support was a major problem for Bronson early on in the season, and Javy can actually help in that arena.