September 15, 2007

Episode 76: Interview with Tom Shearn

This special Saturday edition of the Red Hot Broadcast features a very special interview with the Reds newest pitching star—yes, I realize that is not saying much, but still—Tom Shearn.

We discuss:

  • His win last night and the redemption he earned after his last appearance against Milwaukee.
  • His potential place with the Reds next year, starter or bullpen.
    How close he came to quitting baseball before finally breaking the bigs a few days before turning 30.
  • His family’s role in keeping him playing baseball, even after 12 years in the minors. Does “well, what else are you going to do?” really count as support?
  • Living in the groundskeeper’s trailer at Slugger Field.
  • The impact of Ryan Jorgensen’s substance-related suspension.
  • His goals for the future and message to the fans.

Tom’s a nice fella. Not talkative, though, so this one is short and sweet.

Episode 76: Interview with Tom Shearn (5.51B, 7:47)

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2 comments to “Episode 76: Interview with Tom Shearn”

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  2. Virtual Bob says:

    For Ki Hotae —

    I am also interested in Tom Shearn. He has recently returned to the US to play for the Minnesota Twins organization. Can you post any of his statistics from Korea? How well did he pitch for Samsung??