February 2, 2010

Bill Gates will send you $10 if you forward this marketing message

Email from MLB in my Thunderbird client window
Thunderbird, my open source email client, *always* thinks that email from the MLB.com Shop is an email scam, but this time, I have to agree: you have to spend $75 to get free shipping?? Jeez, MLB, break the bank why don’t you.

2 comments to “Bill Gates will send you $10 if you forward this marketing message”

  1. Leonidas Jones says:

    The TB email scam warning is not trainable in the way junk mail controls are. It can get annoying. Most of us simply turn it off in the preferences dialog, Thunderbird>>Preferences on a Mac, Tools>>Options on Windows, or Edit>>Preferemces on Linux.


  2. Amanda says:

    As my day job is with an email marketing software company, I can see a half dozen reasons from just that screen shot why any email client would think that message was junk. MLB could benefit from learning about some email marketing best practices.