February 3, 2010

Thoughts on Orlando Cabrera

Jocketty is rubbing his hands because he's happy. No really.Last week, the Reds signed Orlando Cabrera to be their shortstop for the 2010 season. The Reds officially announced it on Monday, with a press conference and everything.

My initial thoughts on this signing are, to be nice, less than positive. It feels too much like the Willy Taveras signing from last off season. Cabrera is a light-hitting shortstop who was once known for his defense. However, he has slipped in recent years, and will be 35 in 2010. That’s not a good recipe for success.

But really, my primary concern has to be how “manager” Dusty Baker will use him. The man tents his pants for veterans, and Cabrera qualifies. Plus, since he’s the shortstop, he will bat second in the lineup. That’s where the shortstop bats. Clearly. Even when he gets out 69% of the time. It’s the only logical conclusion.

I have had a little time to think about the deal and am not as negative as I was originally. Unlike Taveras, there was a need for a shortstop. As much as I wanted to see what Paul Janish could do, he was the only option the Reds had. That’s dangerous when embarking on a 162 game season.

I do wish that Walt Jocketty had been better able to down-play Baker’s major weaknesses. But when you have as many as Baker, the only real way to get rid of them is to rid yourself of the entire manager. Hopefully, Cabrera will bounce back and prove my misgivings unwarranted.

1 comment to “Thoughts on Orlando Cabrera”

  1. Amanda says:

    Ratul, the other Reds fan at work, thinks he’ll be a veteran presence. I’m not in the dugout to know whether the team really needs a veteran presence, but if the price is right, heck, why not?

    Regarding Jocketty setting up Baker to succeed, it simply can’t be done. The man is worse than if you made your management decisions by a roll of the d10. At least a die will be right a tenth of the time.