July 6, 2010

Free Lunch to #VoteVotto

Tomorrow, Jamie from Better Off Red will be hosting a lunch at Great American Ball Park, where you can apparently just show up and get free food that you try not to spill on your keyboard while you join the masses of other Reds fans voting for Joey Votto.


Vote VottoIn support of Joey Votto, Better Off Red will be hosting a Vote Votto Lunch here at Great American Ball Park tomorrow (Wednesday, July 7) from noon to 2pm ET in the press dining room.

You’re invited to join me and many others as we enjoy some free food and plenty of Votto voting.

We will have laptops available for you to help us vote Joey onto the NL All-Star team. If you’d rather use your own computer, you’re more than welcome to bring it to the event. I promise I won’t break it.

Joey needs your help. I can’t think of a more appropriate place to cast your ballots than the very building in which Joey does all of his fantastic work. So come on down to “campaign headquarters” tomorrow to VOTE  VOTTO!

If you plan on attending, enter the main gates at Great American Ball Park on Crosley Terrace. From there, someone will escort you to the press dining room where all of the partying/voting is taking place.

In the meantime, click here to vote Votto.

It’s nice: you don’t see many bloggers these days with the balls to use the all-caps header. The years it must have taken him to work his way to a Google page rank of 5 do come with certain privileges.

I hope that you can make it. Eat a piece of fried chicken for Jeff Brantley and me. I, unfortunately, will be working in the Indianapolis software company coal mine tomorrow, but the Lean Cuisine I’ll eat at my desk will taste all the healthier with a side of Vote Votto.


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