July 25, 2010

Roy Oswalt and the St. Louis Cardinals

May 26, 2010- Milwaukee, WI. Miller Park..Houston Astros starting pitcher Roy Oswalt pitched for 8 scoreless innings giving up only 4 hits to the Milwaukee Brewers..Milwaukee Brewers lost to the Houston Astros 0-5..Mike McGinnis / CSM.

Word on the street now is that the Cardinals are in contention to be the lucky recipients of the malcontented Roy Oswalt. Oswalt is in no position to demand a trade, being locked into a contract and whatnot, but he’s made a pain in the Astro of himself anyway, telling the world how he wants to be traded to a team who has a chance of winning.

Enter the Cardinals. They’ve had some rough patches with their starting pitching this season, but they aren’t willing to give up too much. Marty said on WLW today that they offered Brendan Ryan and a PTBNL for him, and I guess they don’t want to pick up his option, while they’re at it. Maybe the Cards see it as a favor they’re doing for Houston: taking the aging pitcher off their hands and their books.

But since, as I mentioned, Oswalt can bitch to the media all-the-live-long-day and the team doesn’t have to do squat about it, they’re unlikely to see the Cards’ point of view on that one.

Which is one reason why I like the idea of this trade: if it really goes through, the Cards are probably going to have to sacrifice some future talent to get there. The hit could last a lot longer than the bounce.

And speaking of the bounce, I’m not even sure how much altitude they’d get out of Oswalt. For years, he owned the Reds, but he’s pretty much been the sole property of the team lately. Unless Dave “pitcher whisperer” Duncan can turn back the clock, adding Oswalt to the rotation may just turn out to be a sure one-game gain for Cincinnati every time the teams meet.

On the flip side, Oswalt says he wants to go to a team with a chance to win. These days, the Cards always have a chance to win, but does this really look like the year? If they were that solid, they wouldn’t be looking to bring on pitching in the first place.

Ultimately, I think the only party that definitely benefits from this potential deal is Houston, assuming they don’t cave on the Ryan offer. Even if they do, though, he’d be taken off their hands.

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