December 2, 2005

The Fastest Way to Get Linked on RHM

The fastest way to get your link added to the side bar of Red Hot Mama is apparently to write about your RHM girl crush. It took less than eight hours.

If you didn't already make your way to redbirdbrain when she and Bellyscratcher did that whole which-home-run-is-better debate (or even if you did), you'll definitely want to make it over there now for this gem.

In a wine-induced giddiness, Ms. Birdbrain lists as many players from each major league team as she can, complete with snarkery (especially for the Astros). You'll notice that the Reds' paragraph is the single longest, for which I deserve some of the credit, and that it includes Javy, for which I deserve ALL of the credit.

My new tagline:
Red Hot Mama: Making Javy Valentín Better Known Than Sean Casey.

It's so nice to know I'm making a difference.

Anyway, redbirdbrain is now one of my three linked Card blogs. Visit her often, leave her some nice comments, and offer her a job so she can buy my book.

6 comments to “The Fastest Way to Get Linked on RHM”

  1. redbirdbrain says:

    RHM, I’m so glad you weren’t scared off by my drunken lovey-doveyness.

    And thank you for the link!

  2. al says:


    i only said i thought i knew what your problem was, but if you want me to tell you off, i’ll indulge you.

    your last response to my comments on redleg nation didn’t make a lick of sense, so i thought i’d bring the discussion to your board so as not to clutter it up over there any more.

    And when i say it didn’t make any sense, i’m not talking about arguments you made that weren’t sound, i mean the words you put together actually didn’t make sense.

    So the easiest way to get started again after that train wreck is for me to try to restate my point, and maybe simplify it for you a little. maybe i’ll number the points so you can follow along more easily.

    1. dunn has been mistreated
    2. having dunn around will help the team
    3. mistreated players often leave

    i’ll pause to sum up here: mistreating dunn is bad for the team.

    4. asking a player to change positions is asking them to make a sacrafice. Look at all of the players who haven’t wanted to change positions. ripkin jr., jeter, nomar, larkin, griffey jr…

    whether you think it should be automatic that a player gives up there position for the team or not, the evidence is clear. Players like to play their natural positions, and it’s not special treatment to let them.
    5. making gestures of goodwill to players who have been mistreated may make them want to stay (see item 2)
    6. asking players to make sacrafices for the team is not a gesture of goodwill.

    of course if the reds can get great pitching for casey that they can’t get for Kearns/Pena, then they have to do it, and hopefully they can keep dunn and move him to first by giving him a good contract and a new fishing rod or something. Or move Jr to first, or Pena to first if they would mind less.

    But if they are just trying to save money by trading casey instead of kearns/pena, then i wouldn’t be surprised if Dunn doesn’t accept a LTC, because he wants to play the OF, and he moves on.

  3. Red Hot Mama says:

    Al! Welcome. What a treat.

    It was very considerate of you to number your points for me. Perhaps next time you could also introduce some capitalization and punctuation. And I’m real sorry that you couldn’t follow my last comment at [url=]RLN[/url]. I’ll try to use smaller words this time.

    RE points 1-3: I’m with you. Absolutely. Mistreating any player, not just Dunn, is bad for the team.

    RE point 4: I’ll agree that asking a player to change positions is asking that player to make a sacrifice. However, it’s a reasonable sacrifice to ask for if it is what is best for the team.

    If a player changing positions would be best for the team and you don’t ask him to do it, then yes, that is special treatment.

    RE point 5: You are assuming too much here. You are assuming that Dunn feels like he’s been mistreated. You are assuming that he wants to leave the team. You are assuming that not making him play first will make it all better.

    If you want to make nice with Adam Dunn, first you need to talk to him and find out whether there’s even a problem. Then you need to talk to him and find out what things he would want to make it all better. If you just go around nixing Casey-related trades out-of-hand because you assume that Dunn wouldn’t like them, you’re asking the team to make a sacrifice without even being sure that the team’s sacrifice is going to placate Dunn.

    RE point 6: Dunn wants to win. If the Reds can put together a winning team by asking him to change positions, you will be giving him what he wants, not asking him to make a sacrifice.

    RE the last two paragraphs: These make the best sense of anything you’ve said. Maybe you should stay away from the numbered lists, actually.

    I’m sure I’ve said this multiple times before, but maybe it’ll get through this time: the Reds should trade Casey and move Dunn to first [b]IF[/b] it is what is best for the team. Not just to save money. Not to purposely mistreat Dunn. If moving Dunn to first isn’t what’s best for the team, then they should obviously leave him in left field and no further comments of special treatment will be made.


  4. al says:

    do you have adam’s number? i need to call him to find out whether there’s a problem. i assume you do since you know that what he wants is to win with this team at any cost, even relegating himself to mop-up work in the bullpen.

    of anyone, i wouldn’t have thought that i’d have to tell [i]YOU[/i] that this is just speculation. at least my speculation has an article to back it up. send me the link to the column where dunn says he’d gladly play any position to win.

    but alright , alright, lets stop on the fussin and the feudin. we agree that dunn or someone should move if the reds get an offer they can’t refuse for casey.

    i guess i’m just used to talking about the real world where we know that sean casey won’t garner any more interest than kearns/pena. my bad.

    i still maintain that your comment on rln was a horror show of missquotes, run ons, and undesignated pronouns that i can liken only to taking the kahn’s factory tour. But i guess that’s how the kids do it these days.

  5. Red Hot Mama says:

    Oh gosh, now I’m supposed to comb through a season’s worth of articles to find how I got the impression that Dunn was a fierce competitor instead of a self-centered prima donna? How about [url=]this one[/url]? In the last question he says that he doesn’t like selfish people. Unless he’s got a self-esteem issue, I take that to mean that he sees himself as not selfish.

    P.S. – I couldn’t have misquoted anything in my comment on RLN. I copy-and-pasted directly from your comments. However, I’m willing to agree that the quotes didn’t make a whole lot of sense, if that makes you feel any better.

    I dare you to try to identify a run-on sentence in that comment. I have a degree in writing and years of copy-editing experience; I can Funk and Wagnall your ass. As for the undesignated pronouns, well, you might have me there.

  6. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hi, redbirdbrain,
    Sorry to neglect you for a while there. Anyway, don’t worry: if you ever have the chance to see me drunk (and chances are that if you see me at all, you will), then you’ll know that I have no room to judge.