May 15, 2007

Baseball in California

I understand the Reds lost last night. Not much of a surprise, I suppose, but I still had to find out about it second hand because I'm on business in San Bruno, CA.

San Bruno is near San Fransisco, but I still expected to be able to catch the game because the Reds are playing the Padres. Despite it's large size, frequent earthquakes, and regular attention in the media over immigration issues, in my imagination, California is one big friendly beach where everyone is leggy and bleach-blond and does everything, I mean everything while wearing bikinis and roller blades.

I tried to find the game in my hotel room, but the best I was getting here was the Cubs on ESPN. I headed out with my boss (hi Tom!) to the local TGIFridays, but they didn't have it either. After watching a little of the pitching duel between the Royals and the A's, I came back to the room to try to get it online. However, not only could I not stream the audio, but I couldn't even see the GameDay because they both required Flash, which I'm not allowed to install on my company laptop. So big boo to my company for not installing Flash (hello, welcome to 2001) but even bigger boo to MLB for not having a lo-fi option for Internet users who'd like to bear some kind of witness to the game while having limited technology.

Lucky for me, Greg Maddux had a perfect game going into the sixth inning, so ESPN was breaking in with regular updates of how much the Reds were sucking. And even though it stopped the ESPN updates, I was pleased to see that it was Javy to break it up.

Here's hoping I have better luck tracking down the game action tonight, though I'm not counting on it. Oh, I'd better get going; the workday is about to begin here on the beach and I haven't even put on my rollerblades yet.

3 comments to “Baseball in California”

  1. Chris at Redleg Nation says:

    I certainly do everything in a bikini and roller blades.

  2. crumworld says:

    since i live in cleveland, i will be going to the reds-indians game this weekend as i do every year and i am expecting us to get blown out friday since we will be coming back from the west coast unless the day off helps us. PLEASE redlegs, don’t embarrass me while around all these damn indians fans!! with that said, i will rock my reds gear all the way no matter what.