November 6, 2007

Jose Guillen in Trouble for Steroids

The saucy Jose Guillen is in trouble for getting perhaps a bit too saucy with the HGH.

I suppose “juicy” would have made more sense than “saucy” there. But do we really want to think of Jose Guillen as “juicy”? I know I don’t.


Citing confidential records, the Chronicle said Guillen — whose option for 2008 was declined this week by the Mariners, making him a free agent — purchased $19,000 worth of drugs from the Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center, which along with other anti-aging clinics and online pharmacies in Florida and Alabama, was targeted for illegal sales of drugs, including steroids and HGH. It was raided by Florida law enforcement agencies on Feb. 27.

Jose GuillenGuillen reportedly purchased the drugs between May 2002 and June 2005, during which time he played for Arizona, Cincinnati, Oakland, the Angels and Washington. Williams was playing for the Diamondbacks in 2002 when he purchased $11,600 worth of HGH, steroids and other drugs, the Chronicle said, adding that Valdez bought $11,300 worth of performance-enhancing drugs in 2002 after he was traded from the Rangers to the Mariners.

It’s poor timing for Guillen, finding himself a free agent just as the news is breaking. I’m afraid he may have no choice but to be picked back up by Jim Bowden.

1 comment to “Jose Guillen in Trouble for Steroids”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    “Citing confidential records” – how confidential could they be if they’re being reported in the national media?

    Or maybe that’s the point – since the records are confidential they can print pretty much whatever they want. It’d be hard for anyone to dispute any of it since the evidence on which they would have to do so is “confidential” so presumably they wouldn’t have access to it! Nice scam if you’re the Chronicle. But OK, I can jump on that bandwagon:

    Citing confidential records, the Chronicle said Huntington – whose search for a new Pirates manager lasted exactly a month รขโ‚ฌโ€ purchased $19,000 worth of drugs and then hired John Russell to replace Jim Tracy.

    There, that was easy! I like this idea. This could explain a lot of weird goings-on in baseball. Let’s see…

    Torre was managing the Yankees in 2007 when he purchased $11,600 worth of HGH, steroids and other drugs, and suddenly awoke to find himself in Los Angeles, standing on a dais wearing Dodger Blue. Kearns bought $11,300 worth of drugs in 2006 after he was traded from the Reds to the Nationals, the Chronicle said, adding that he must have shared them with Felipe Lopez and Ryan Wagner.

    We could go on and on here. The Cardinals firing Jocketty, the Reds wasting a bemch slot on Chad Moeller, the Astros setting a dangerous precedent a few years ago by paying Roger Clemens a ridiculous amount of money to miss half the season on purpose to conserve his strength and still suck in the World Series, the Brewers insisting every year that this will be the season Sheets stays healthy and wins a Cy Young, even RHM falling off the Reds’ bandwagon (and here we thought “Talking Smack” meant something else entirely!) – all this and more has a perfectly rational explanation, rooted somewhere in the murky contents of somebody’s “confidential” records.

    While ya’ll think about the ethics of that, I’m going to go explore a career in exploiting the First Amendment for personal gain.