February 19, 2008

What the Frick? Nuxhall Doesn’t Win

old_man_joe.jpgJoe Nuxhall did not win the 2008 Ford Frick award, and it’s even more of a crime than when he didn’t win the 2007 Frick award. From Reds.com:

The 2008 Ford Frick Award, which is given annually by the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., will go to longtime Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus. The Hall of Fame announced the election results on Tuesday.

This is a big, fat load of crap. Remember when the fans voted Nuxy in to the finals of this contest?

Of more than 122,000 online ballots cast by fans, Nuxhall received an astounding 82,304 votes. King was a distant second with 7,659 votes. When he also was a finalist last year, Nuxhall received more than 8,000 votes of the approximately 75,000 ballots cast.

The people haven’t just spoken; they’ve jumped up and down shouting and waving their arms. Wake up, Hall of Fame!

2 comments to “What the Frick? Nuxhall Doesn’t Win”

  1. OldCleat says:

    Joe Nuxhall should have been voted to the Frick Award, the baseball broadcasters’ Hall of Fame, I agree. Yesterday (July 30, 2008) would have been Joe’s 80th birthday. I was looking around for the vote totals that got Joe to the finals, when I found your great post. Joe won 82 thousand to 77 hundred. Again, I have nothing against Dave Niehaus. But I say that Reds fans make it a yearly tradition that they overwhelm the voting totals so that Nuxy gets his just due. The voting starts in November, so mark your calendars for November 1 to start looking for the voting. p.s. I love your blog. … I wonder if anyone will ever see this post? OldCleat

  2. DevilsAdvocate says:

    I see it! I’ll try and remember to remind people of the Frick voting when it starts.