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October 3, 2008

Dodgers 10, Cubs 3: Finding the Scapegoat in the Mirror

Dodgers (2-0)05001012110120
Cubs (0-2)000000102384
W: Billingsley (1-0) L: Zambrano (0-1)


The Cubs played a baseball game against the Dodgers, although using the word “play” to describe their actions might be insulting to baseball teams everywhere.

Carlos Zambrano was about the only Cubs player who showed up to play; everyone else flat-out sucked. For example, the entire infield–yes, the entire infield–had an error. Derrek Lee, Mark DeRosa, Ryan Theriot, and Aramis Ramirez all booted or misthrew balls.

The pathetic excuse for baseball made me shake my head and laugh. It’s one thing to expect the Cubs not to win and achieve 100 years of failure, but to do it in such a terrific display of baseball incompetence was staggering.

The more Cubs baseball I see, the more I think that they don’t know how to win. Whenever they get close, they freak out and turn to blaming bizarre things: a fan in the stands, a goat that didn’t even attend the game, a “curse,” etc. The thing is, I never have seen any of those things flail away at bad pitches or bobble an easy double play ball. Until the Cubs look earnestly in the mirror at the only scapegoat that matters I’m afraid that they’re in for even more losing.

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October 3, 2008

Brewers 2, Phillies 5: Sabathia Proves Inhumanity False

Brewers (0-2)100000100230
Phillies (2-0)02000000-591
W: Myers (1-0) L: Sabatha (0-1) S: Lidge (2)


I guess C. C. Sabathia is human, after all. In his 4th start on short rest, he wasn’t nearly as dominating as he had been previously for the Brewers. Sabathia lasted only 3 2/3 innings, allowing 5 earned runs, while striking out 5.

The bullpen came in and shut the Phillies down, but Brett Myers was too good and 5 runs was too much.

Now Milwaukee finds themselves facing elimination via a sweep. They have a day off between games. I think they should start Sabathia again.