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October 6, 2008

Phillies 6, Brewers 2: The Central’s Last Team Standing

Phillies (3-1)1040000106100
Brewers (1-3)000000110280
W: Blanton (1-0) L: Suppan (0-1)


After all the winning put up by the Cubs, the Brewers, and to a lesser extent, the Cardinals and Astros, the NLC’s showing in the playoffs was disappointingly short. (That’s what she said.)

So much for the best division in baseball.

Anyway, unlike the Cubs, the Brewers managed to show up for one game and stalled elimination until game 4 against the Phillies. The 4 runs Jeff Suppan allowed in the 3rd inning pretty much sums up the game. Suppan allowed 2 home runs in that inning, one to Pat Burrell and another to Jayson Werth. It was too much for Milwaukee to recover from.

Still, the Brewers had a successful season. It was their first post-season appearance since 1982. While the go-for-broke philosophy that got them there provides a heapin’ helpin’ of work for the club for next year, the team and its fans can take solace that they didn’t collapse as badly as the Cubs.

October 6, 2008

Cubs 1, Dodgers 3: Well, that Sucked

Cubs (0-3)000000010181
Dodgers (3-0)20001000-360
W: Kuroda (1-0) L: Harden (0-1) S: Broxton (1)


I don’t usually recap games that happened over the weekend, but since these are the last ones, I’ll make an exception.

The Cubs were swept by the Dodgers over the weekend. If you heard a giant sucking sound from the Midwest or felt millions of souls crying out in anguish, now you know the source.

This game might have been the first time I’ve empathized with Cubs fans. Perhaps the perspective of following a team that hasn’t had a winning season for 8 years helps, but what Chicago put its fans through this year was brutal.

The Cubs team assembled this year was dominant, well-rounded, and perfectly poised to do well in the postseason. Which made the inexcusable disappearance of every single player not named Carlos Zambrano all the more heart-wrenching. Honestly, I was hoping they could pull out a miracle and win one game by the end of the 3rd game. But no. It was not to be.

But the Cubs achieved 100 years of futility. Somewhere, Monk is pleased. 100 is a much nicer number than 99, after all.