October 10, 2010

Reds Out of It: It was Fun While It Lasted

Well, damn.

So, the Reds are out of the postseason after just three games. The Phillies put a good foot forward, but the Cincinnati team did their part as well with five errors in the series and not many hits going around. Joey Votto and Scott Rolen’s lack of offense were particularly noticeable. Brandon Phillips and Jay Bruce did bring a couple homers in the second game, but even those weren’t enough. The other two games were shutouts. One of them is the no-hitter that’s been so over-talked-about that I’m ready to puke.

There’s been something I’ve had on my mind since September, but I didn’t want to talk about it until after the appearance was over, instead wanting to let myself be entirely swept up in the optimism and excitement. Basically, I was sure I was ready, as a fan, to see the Reds go all the way.

Part of it is that I haven’t been able to commit myself to the team the way I wanted to this season, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the winning as much when I’d been only 80% in the game myself. That’s the selfish reason.

The other is my delayed-gratification reason: it’s like the first time you hold hand with someone when you’re a kid, and how tingly and worked up you get over it, but later when you’ve worked your way up to doing things that are described in baseball terms, that hand-holding doesn’t elicit any response at all. You get more net enjoyment out of slowly building up to it.

So, to use a seriously confusing metaphor, it’s like we’re at first base with Winning Reds this year. Next season maybe we’ll let them get all the way to third. If they don’t make it further than that, we’ll be even more primed for 2012. It’s totally tantric.

Of course, knowing that doesn’t make you want to stop while you’re in the middle of it in either situation.

It’s all moot now in any event, and I’ll be finishing up my damn degree next year and be able to get into the game 100% again. Even so, I did enjoy the hand-holding while it lasted.

3 comments to “Reds Out of It: It was Fun While It Lasted”

  1. Phillies versus who in the world series this year?

  2. Auctions says:

    I am thoroughly disgusted by the lack of respect Paul Janish receives from his manager. To be penciled into the lineup… and rightfully so as he has had a share of success against Cole Hamels in his young career and plays better defense then Cabrera, only to be yanked at the last second because Cabrera talked his way in… I don’t think that is right. Cabrera talked about how this could be one of his last playoff games… uh, hello, what about Paul Janish? He has NEVER started in a post season game and he played extremely well in limited appearances this season, most notably in the stretch where Cabrera was hurt which just coincidentally coincided with when the Reds moved ahead of the Cardinals in the standings, never to be seriously challenged again. I can tell you right now if Cabrera or some other washed up veteran is allowed to play shortstop ahead of Janish again next season I will be tuning out early. Yes the won the division but when you reach the playoffs I think we see just how important it is to start the correct pitchers and play the right players. No more law of averages crap which might work in the regular season when you have no serious competition in the division.

    We know Dusty can make the playoffs when provided with ample talent, but are any of you convinced he can manage a team to a world series title? I’d be more optimistic if he made the correct obvious decisions such as starting Paul Janish instead of gimpy Cabrera.

  3. Amanda says:

    Porsha – I’d like to say the Rangers, just because I’d like to see Hamilton in it. But it’ll probably be the Yankees.

    Auctions – Sing it, brother.