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December 13, 2013

Jamie Ramsey and the mole

One of the disadvantages to not really paying attention to the Reds or baseball at all this off-season is that I occasionally miss some things. And apparently, I’d missed a doozy of a Twitter account until this morning.

At the beginning of December, an account named Seeall Hearall appeared with this as its first tweet.

Starting with a double negative is an inauspicious beginning. Seeall Hearall made up for it, though, proceeding to divulge all manner of information on purported negotiations the Reds and General Manager Walt Jocketty were having. The majority of the updates focused on the Reds’ attempts to trade Brandon Phillips to the New York Yankees.

Throughout all of this, people were asking both Seeall Hearall and Reds public relations spokesperson (and would-be rock star) Jamie Ramsey questions attempting to verify the account.

Seeall Hearall ignored the questions for the most part.

Ramsey, fanned the flames of controversy and kept it going by answering a question with a question.

Seeall Hearall had long been saying the Phillips trade to the Yankees was going to happen. But yesterday, it all fell apart.

Seeall Hearall doubled down on the trade rumors, though, and posted this bombshell last night.

It’s unlikely the account is real, but anything that whips up Jamie into a fit is hella entertaining. The off-season is long, and we need something to watch.