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February 21, 2014

The Reds are on the television

If you’re unlike me and can’t wait to see what the 2014 Cincinnati Reds are going to look like on the field, then the MLB Network is the place you’ll want to tune into. The network announced they’ll be carrying 11 games during Spring Training, five of them tape-delayed.

I temporarily turned off my DirecTV during the off-season, and it won’t start up again until the middle of March, so I’ll miss the first few of these. The number is quite a step up from years past.

  • Feb 26 at Indians (5 p.m., tape delay)
  • Feb. 27 vs. Indians (5 p.m., tape delay)
  • March 5 vs. Dodgers (9 p.m., live)
  • March 9 at Angels (4 p.m., live)
  • March 13 at Dodgers (4 p.m., live)
  • March 15 at Brewers (4 p.m., live)
  • March 17 vs. Indians (4 p.m., live)
  • March 23 at Cubs (7 a.m., tape delay from game played March 22)
  • March 24 vs. Indians (4 p.m., live)
  • March 26 at White Sox (4 p.m., live)
  • March 27 at Brewers (3 p.m., live)

I’m a little down on the Reds chances this year, and so far, I’ve not been that interested in baseball returning. Hopefully, tuning into some of these early broadcasts will change my feelings.