March 4, 2006

Episode 4: Experimenting with Game Reports

This week's podcast features all this in just over three minutes:

Red Hot Mama Reviews Reds News for March 4, 2006. (2.3 MB, 3:19)

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1 comment to “Episode 4: Experimenting with Game Reports”

  1. KC2HMZ says:

    Regarding $1.2 million being too rich for the Reds’ blood with respect to sogning Pedro Astacio, that would have been $1.2 million more than he would have been worth anyway. He’s another high fastball pitcher who would have given up dingers at an alarming rate (see Milton, Eric; see also Ortiz, Ramon) just as he did with Colorado. The ballparks are similar.

    The Reds are better off keeping that money for now and seeing what happens as spring training goes on. They have depth in some areas (outfield, middle infield, catcher) and after some other teams see what they do and don’t have, the Reds might be able to deal from a position of strength for a change and land a pitcher who’s worth that $1.2 million.

    Even if they don’t, they would be better off running any of Dumatrait, Kozlowski, Gosling, Germano, maybe even Chick out there as the fifth starter than Pedro Astacio if Paul Wilson can’t answer the bell.