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March 4, 2006

Gabe White Retires

Yesterday former Reds reliever Gabe White decided to end his career on his own terms. The 34-year old left-hander pitched for the Reds, Rockies, Yankees, Cardinals and Expos. White pitched for the Reds 1997-2000, 2002-03, and 2004. Last year, White was released by Atlanta at the end of spring training and cut by St. Louis at the end of July. This year he was a non-roster invitee to Minnesota Twins spring training competing in a three-man race for lefty-specialist.

After a single-inning appearance where he gave up two triples and two runs, White was already swelling and feeling the aches and pains. White reportedly sat up all night in bed, staring at the television before making this decision. He pondered his physical ability and the ethical issue of whether it was right to continue playing a game that he couldn't give his all to anymore.

Isn't that beautifully descriptive? Can't you just feel exactly what he felt, barely aware of the infomercials flashing across the screen, watching the minutes tick by, desperately waiting for that passion for the game that's always just been there to show up again? It's like a movie.

And good for Gabe, I say, to follow his heart even when his heart tells him to do something as scary as giving up baseball. That takes guts.

Gabe White the PirateI always liked White. He seemed like a character. Not the funny kind, of course. If anything, he seemed like kind of a crank, but that made me like him even more. I imagine that if I knew Gabe White personally, I'd give him a hard time about something, he'd grumble grumpily in response, and I'd giggle.

Plus, he always reminded me of a pirate. Too bad that none of the five teams he played for in eight years was Pittsburgh.

So with those sentiments in mind, RHM bids Mr. White a fond farewell, and presents this gift of a photo of what he'd look like as a swashbuckler. If you listen carefully, maybe you'll hear him grumbling. Or at least me giggling.

Via Marc's spring training blog and the Twins official site.