March 7, 2006

ST Game 7: Reds 3, Blue Jays 6

The Reds fell to the mighty Blue Jays today in Dunedin by a score of 6 to 3. Eric Milton got the start, and let's just leave it at that. After a whole off-season of telling ourselves that he's got to be better than last year, it's not psychologically healthy to think too much about today's game. He's still injured, after all.

In other news, a guy that we've all known all off-season can be just as bad as he was last year, Ramón Ortiz, got the start for the Nationals today. He pitched two innings and allowed seven runs. Though his team committed four errors in the 22-12 loss, all seven of his runs were earned.

Feel a little better? Good. Tomorrow Michael Gosling starts for half of the Reds against the Pirates in Sarasota. Marc says that Sean Casey and Joe Randa will both be there. The rest of the team will be led by Dave Williams in the charge against the Twins in Fort Myers. Both games begin at 1:05 p.m.

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