March 13, 2006


Felipe Lopez' right armThe defining physical characteristic of Felipe Lopez has got to be his vast collection of tattoos. They cover his arms, extending up past where sleeve ends and imagination begins. He’s even got one on his neck.

Lonnie Wheeler mentioned the tattoos in a column in the Cincinnati Post. He said:

His tattoos bleed together from shoulder to wrist, flowing down from the baseball painted onto his right upper arm (the left being reserved for his two daughters). “Everything’s built in around the baseball,” said the Reds’ all-star shortstop. “The dragon going underneath is supposed to protect me from any evil. Everything has to do with confidence.”

According to Batting Around interview, his first tattoo was a cross with his daughter’s name (I’m guessing that’s “Chaydin”) on it:

The cross with my daughter’s name on it. From there, it got addicting. I’ve always been into stuff like that — earrings and tattoos.

I can’t find any decent pictures of Lopez’s tattoos. Maybe it’s time to invest in a serious zoom lens and take them myself. However, if you know of any good photos, please let me know so that everyone can see.

Felipe Lopez' right arm: The Dragon

Felipe Lopez' right arm: The baseball

Felipe Lopez' left arm: Praying hands and a cross

Felipe Lopez' neck: Always and Forever

Felipe Lopez' right arm: Lopy

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