March 14, 2006

Felipe Lopez: Tattoos

I've added a new entry to the Felipe Lopez Human League Profile about his collection of tattoos. It's a start, but I'd like to add more specific information, and ideally, pictures. If anyone can contribute details, I'd certainly appreciate anything you can offer.

3 comments to “Felipe Lopez: Tattoos”

  1. Hey RHM. Got a question for ya. Someone I know is wondering about Ryan Freel’s outlook for ’06. Got any ideas?

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    The story of Ryan Freel is the story of second base in Cincinnati.

    Once upon a time, (a month ago) the Reds had nine attendees at spring training that had major league experience at second base.

    One of them is Felipe Lopez, who’s definitely starting at short, so we’re down to eight.

    William Bergolla has a “high groin strain” (they’re emphatic that it’s NOT a hernia) that has shelved him for the better part of spring training. Down to seven.

    Little Ray Olmedo was optioned to Louisville earlier this week, taking us down to six.

    Of those six, only three are on the 40-man roster: Freel, Tony Womack, and Rich Aurilia.

    Womack has been awful all spring, which I would like to think would take him out of the running (though I’m probably just jinxing it to say so).

    Of Freel and Aurilia, it is my opinion that Freel is better at second. However, 1) Narron is mildly in love with Aurilia, and 2) Narron is mildly in love with Freel subbing in every damn place on the field.

    So, I’m calling Aurilia to be the starting second baseman, with FREQUENT off-days. Though I understand the Reds picked up yet another second baseman today, so who knows.

    Doesn’t really answer your question, though, huh?

    Freel’s outlook this year is what it always is:

    – He’s going to come in second to someone for a starting job and instead throw himself into his super-sub role.
    – He’ll lead off most every day and sport a .370-ish OBP.
    – He’ll lead the team in stolen bases by a long shot. I am hopeful that he’ll keep himself healthy this year, and if he does, it might be sixty steals.
    – He with be right up there with Dunn and Griffey as the most featured Reds on Baseball Tonight because derring-do makes for great highlights.
    – He’ll be able to claim at least two of the season’s wins as being thanks entirely to him. At least a dozen more times the team will lose despite his best efforts.

    Does that help?

  3. Perfect! Thank you, my dear.