March 19, 2006

What a Difference a Day Makes

I missed posting to Red Hot Diaries yesterday (Saturday has been my customary day to post here), so I'll have to make up for the omission by posting today instead.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of positive things I can think of to say after the Reds got outscored by a combined score of 25-11 in the two split squad games on Saturday. The good news is, that was the last of the split-squad games. Also, the Reds did better today, spanking the Phillies, 5-4. Javy Valentin had a double while Kearns went 2-for-3 with a triple and an RBI. EE had a double and two ribbies. Womack also had two hits and a ribbie.

Harang started and pitched four scoreless innings, striking out four. White and Hammond each pitched a scoreless inning in relief. What a difference a day makes.

With the split-squad games finished, expect to see some guys being released, or at least sent over to minor league camp, soon. On fact, somebody told me Tuffy Rhodes was released today, but I haven't seen any official word on it.

Here's hoping RHM and her family have a safe trip to Sarasota and eventually back again, with lotsa fun in between. Long trips on a car are the pits, BTDT (been there, done that). Getting there is NOT half the fun when getting there means a thousand miles cooped up in a car with bored children! I'd express admiration for her ability to put up with it, but the final product would probably end up looking like it belonged in the official Hit On RHM thread, so I'll just offer a tip of the hat and a knowing smile.

RHM: Say hello to the guy in the right field bleachers at Ed Smith named Danny for me, he's an ex-pro player and a regular in ASBCR. That's the place to sit, the players are always walking by there, and it's not far to run down for a hot dog or a beer.


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