March 20, 2006

Spring Training Beer Count: 7

My first full day in Sarasota is in the books, and I'm pleased to say that my beer consumption is way, way up. That's how you know a vacation's a success, after all.

I rolled out of bed this morning, got a beer, and started preparing for the day's events. I needed to put the finishing touches on a gift for Jerry Narron that I've been working on for weeks. It didn't come together, so I'm going to have to take it to a framing store or something, but be on the lookout for some photos as soon as it's delivered. It's freakin' bad-ass.

Soon it was time to head to the game. At Ed Smith, I had a couple beers, tried to find the rhythm of the game, and started working on my sunburn. It was a very nice game that started the winning streak that I'd like to think my boys will sustain for the next two weeks, just for me.

After the game, children 12 and under were invited to run the bases. I don't think you can properly appreciate how cute this event is until you have a 12 and under of your own. My boy ran just like all the other kids except that he didn't hit a single one of the bases. And that he ran slightly bent at the waist with his arms sticking straight behind him like a super hero cape.

I headed back to the condo for a couple more beers. Actually, those particular beers might have been a little too much, because I was pretty much unable to get off the bed for the better part of the hour before we left for FinDaddy's. Or maybe it was that I'd had only half a hot dog by way of food so far for the day. Whatever.

FinDaddy's is the restaurant and bar from which the Reds broadcast during spring training. While we were there, I enjoyed a beer and heard Andy Furman talking to Jerry Narron. But I didn't really hear Narron respond. The frequency of his voice is apparently too low to penetrate the crowd noises.

Wayne Krivsky talked next, and we could hear him much better. He recounted how Kirby Puckett always called him “Kriv-dog” or “Kriv-daddy,” which is, of course, how I will refer to him from this day forward. I wanted to introduce myself, but after the interview Kriv-dog was off like a prom dress, so I didn't get the chance.

Bucky Dent was next, but by then our 4-year old had fallen asleep. It was time to head back to home base.

Beer count: seven. Not really that many for a whole day, but I'm just getting started. Tomorrow is a whole new day.

(P.S. -- And to think Kriv-dog didn't let slip a syllable about Wily Mo! He's sneaky.)

2 comments to “Spring Training Beer Count: 7”

  1. Decker says:

    I don’t know if ananyone else is having this problem, but the page keeps loadiung with all the conent smuushed under the left margin. I can’t read anything, just see the ads. Where else can I turn for Reds news with a porneriffic name?

  2. KC2HMZ says:

    RHM, also known as GLC, wrote: “It was a very nice game that started the winning streak that I’d like to think my boys will sustain for the next two weeks, just for me.”

    When the beers wear off, I’m sure you’ll realize that they won yesterday too, so the winning streak actually started yesterday and the Reds are now 2-0 under the watchful eyes of their new GLC. 😉

    If this keeps up, I’m writing a letter to Castellini demanding that he award you season tickets at GABP and a high-paying job in the Reds’ PR department or taking care of their website or something so you can work in Cinci and be there to enjoy the games.


    (For those just joining us, GLC = Good Luck Charm)