March 24, 2006

A Vacation from Our Vacation

On Wednesday, we wanted to make it out to Fort Myers to see the Reds face the Twins. Mostly because we'd had a good time going to see the Twins last year and we were really impressed with the way they made it clear that they wanted us to visit again. We attended one game in Fort Myers last year and the team sent us a packet to promote their spring training games in the off-season. We attended two-weeks worth of games in Sarasota last year and the team sent us diddly squat.

But it's over an hour's drive to Fort Myers and the call of the beach was just irresistible. Plus, my son is under the weather with a nasty little cough, and since he's related to me, a little cough can translate into unexpected evacuation of the stomach due to all the belly jolting of the coughing motion. Long story short, we've washed more towels and sheets than we expected to this trip.

So Wednesday was our day to rest up, do a little shopping, and watch a whole lot of Nickelodeon. Essentially, we took a vacation from our vacation.

You may have noticed that this post wasn't particularly relevant or interesting. Sorry about that. I feel like it's necessary plot exposition.

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