March 26, 2006

Episode 6: Live Podcasting

In the vein of live blogging, I'm pleased to bring you live podcasting. And thanks to the editing skills of my crack technical staff, the end result is just over 21 minutes instead of over 3 hours.

Pretty much I just recorded my impressions of the game in St. Petersburg against the Tampa Bay Rays as it happened. The recording was done in the iRiver, a portable digital recorder. The quality isn't quite as high as the real-live microphone back home, but I think it came out pretty well.

Make sure you don't miss the intro to the program. It is the mystery, super-special event that I wanted to keep a secret on Friday.

So finally you can know what it would be like to sit near the RHM at a baseball game and go forward in life requesting seats as far away from me as possible. I should also mention that there are a couple dirty words in the broadcast, so to all you kids listening: don't tell your parents where you heard them.

Red Hot Mama Shares the Game Experience for March 25, 2006. (14.6 MB, 21:17)

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