March 28, 2006

ST Game 27: Indians 9, Reds 4

The Reds lost to the Indians by a score of 9-4 on Sunday in Winter Haven. The Reds did not enjoy the services of Ken Griffey, Jr., Adam Dunn, or Jason LaRue for this game, possibly because the Indians have the worst spring training facilities I've ever seen. That's certainly the reason they did not enjoy the services of me.

Brandon Claussen got the start and struggled through his four innings of work. He allowed six runs (four earned) on eight hits. He also had seven strike outs, which doesn't seem to jibe with the rest of those numbers. Perhaps a testament to how many batters he faced in his time on the mound?

Todd Coffey, Brian Shackelford, Jake Robbins, and Matt Belisle each pitched an inning of relief. Everyone went scoreless except Robbins who allowed three runs (one earned).

Austin Kearns was hit by pitches twice to go with his home run off Danny Graves. Brian Buchanan knocked in two and Quinton McCracken knocked in one for the Reds' total four runs. Four was also the number of Reds' errors, two coming from Edwin Encarnación, and one apiece from Jeff Bannon and Matt Kata.

The Reds' record after the loss was 16-11. They would come home to Sarasota to host the Pirates on Monday.

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