April 4, 2006

Dave Williams

My nemesis, JinAZ has introduced a new feature on JinAZ On Baseball and the Reds called Better Know a Red. BKAR features provide statistical analysis of each player on the Reds' 25-man roster. Meanwhile, Red Hot Mama's own Human League profiles provide a lovey-dovey, touchy-feely kind of analysis of each player.

They're the yin and yang of baseball player analysis.

So in the interest of informing the public, encouraging inter-site travel, and lending RHM some stat-based legitimacy, JinAZ and I will be linking our player profiles together. Finally, all the information you could want about a Red, all in one place! Well, two places! With a convenient link in between!

Today we start with Dave Williams. Check out his Human League Profile, then head right over to JinAZ's BKAR feature to get the rest of the story.

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