July 14, 2006

Game 88: Reds 1, Braves 4

Hardly seems to matter much now, but back on July 8, the Reds lost to the Braves, 1-4.

Aaron Harang pitched a complete game of eight innings and allowed four runs (earned) on nine hits and two walks. The man struck out eight. Would fewer runs have been allowed, zero perhaps, if we'd had the two new bullpeners we have today? I don't know. But that's what it would have taken, since the Reds scored only one.

That one came in the fourth. Scott Hatteberg got the RBI. Ken Griffey, Jr. got the run scored. Griffey was the only Red to walk. Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez were the only Reds with more than one hit on the night. Joyless, ironic, “Heh.”

The loss brought the Reds' record to 45-43. Bronson Arroyo would try for his tenth win for about the zillionth time the next day.

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