Daily Archives: July 18, 2006

July 18, 2006

Up and Down

RHM has been up and down a lot the last few days as Dreamhost tries to get their act together. At least it's better than my last host, which went down for brief, scheduled maintenance…last November.

I kinda doubt that it's MY big fat 200 hits a day bringing down my hosts, but I can't ignore the fact that the problem seems to follow me. Maybe I've got a bad vibe. Maybe it's time to forgive Bronson Arroyo.


In any event, all this down time makes it difficult for me to get anything written. As soon as I sit down to make fun of the Cardinals for having their asses handed to them, Cubs-style, by the Braves, I find that RHM won't load. Then I get distracted doing something else, like chipping all the paint off my toenails, and before I know it, the evening is gone and I haven't even noticed that my site is back up.

Long story short, my toenails are naked and it's bedtime, but I wanted to get down a few bullet points tonight, if only to celebrate the fact that I can:

  • Did Edwin Encarnación get hurt when I wasn't looking? Or is his being benched for playing well in addition to errors these days?
  • Eric Milton always looks so sad. Even when he's doing well, those big doe eyes always look on the verge of tears. I think we should start calling him Eeyore.
  • Speaking of Milton, I am so glad that we sacrificed Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez so that Milton could give up a grand slam tonight. In the seventh inning. With a pitch count over 100. It's moments like that that really bring the Reds community together. In this case, in a collective scream of “Why is he still pitching??”

Sleep tight everyone. Brian Shackelford is on the loose.

July 18, 2006

No charges filed against Love Shack

Yes, that's right, everyone's favorite lustful reliever has been cleared from the malicious accusations made by a random, cruel-hearted Milwaukeean bitch. Call him back up, Krivsky! He should've never been sent down in the first place. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Free Love Shack!