July 18, 2006

No charges filed against Love Shack

Yes, that's right, everyone's favorite lustful reliever has been cleared from the malicious accusations made by a random, cruel-hearted Milwaukeean bitch. Call him back up, Krivsky! He should've never been sent down in the first place. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Free Love Shack!

3 comments to “No charges filed against Love Shack”

  1. Red Hot Mama says:

    They had to send him down. He wasn’t physically present in Atlanta and they didn’t know how soon he’d be released by the police, so unless they were going to go into the game one arm short, they needed to make room to have someone, anyone in the bullpen.

    But yeah, bring him back now.

  2. KC2HMZ says:

    If they bring back Shackelford now, it would probably be Standridge, a righthander, going to Louisville to open the slot on the 25-man for the southpaw Shackelford.

    That would give the Reds four lefties in the pen (Guardado, Bray, Mercker, Shackelford) and only three righthanders (Weathers, Coffey, Majewski).

    I dunno that it’s a good idea to make the pen lefty-heavy when the majority of hitters are righthanded.

  3. Geki says:

    I don’t think it really matters. Mercker is a lefty who’s only good against righties. Bray is supposed to be more than just a lefty specialist and lefties actually hit for a better average than righties (though both of his homers given up this year were against righties). Guardado is the closer, so his handedness doesn’t really matter. Love Shack would give us a guy who could actually get out lefties, as opposed to a guy who can’t get out anybody in Standridge (or Weathers).