July 20, 2006

Kool-Aid Colonic

Scott Spiezio already dyes his lame little soul patch with Strawberry Splash flavor Kool-Aid, you know he'd be first in line for this ride.

Oh yeah!

4 comments to “Kool-Aid Colonic”

  1. Carl Monday says:

    How is this baseball related? Now I understand why Mike Cooper frequented your site.

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    He was looking at RHM??? Why didn’t you say THAT while harrassing him on his lawn? As long as you were going to publicly humiliate a guy, you might as well send me some clicks.

  3. Elle says:

    As both a fan of Kool-Aid and the Cards, I was going to say “don’t knock Kool-Aid as a dye — some of the niftiest yarn I own was dyed with the stuff, including the yarn for my Reyes socks” but then I laughed in a way that would have made Kool-Aid come out of my nose. Knock Kool-Aid and Speeze’s silly facial hair all you want.

  4. Red Hot Mama says:

    Welcome, Elle! Always a pleasure to hear from a fellow Kool-Aid fan. I’m glad you enjoyed the link: I think the “Oh Yeah!” at the beginning really makes the clip.