June 17, 2007

Game 69: Rangers 4, Reds 8

Yeah, I know that this game happened yesterday, but I actually watched this one, plus--hey--our boys actually won!

Aaron Harang put in 122 pitches worth of a start, and managed to come out of the ordeal with the win despite the ill-advised decision to send him back out in the sixth. However, you know good things are happening for the team when Mike Stanton comes in to get the last out and doesn't allow any runs.

The pinch hitter was ready to take over Stanton's position in the bottom of the sixth, but then David Ross went and cleared the bases with a 2-run homer (w00t!1) and Stanton got to take his turn at the plate after all. He made some good contact but was thrown out, so I wondered whether that was the reason that he didn't take the mound at the beginning of the seventh.

Actually, he pulled his hamstring and is now on the DL. After he left, Brad Salmon, Jon Coutlangus, and David Weathers each got a turn with only Coutlangus giving up a run in the eighth. It was OK, though, because Ross hit another homer (double-w00t!1) in the eighth inning to get the run back.

Ken Griffey, Jr hit a couple home runs, too, the day before Father's Day for a change. I think I heard them say that he hadn't hit any home runs on the date of June 16th before, so that's something special, too.

Oh, and some guy no one has ever heard of, let alone wants to trade for, hit a home run, too.

The win brought the Reds' record to 27-42. They went on to finish the series today, but we'll just be glad that they managed to take this one from a team the quality of Texas. Tomorrow they'll be in Oakland for a game that starts at 10 p.m. I bet you'll all be staying up for that one.

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