June 17, 2007

Welcome Gosling; Get Well Soon, Stanton

Mike Stanton got to his for himself last night, but then didn't come out to pitch the next inning. We soon found out why:

CINCINNATI -- The Reds purchased the contract of left-hander Michael Gosling from Triple-A Louisville and placed left-handed reliever Mike Stanton on the 15-day disabled list on Sunday.

Stanton is suffering a pulled hammy. Lest you think it was one of those nagging injuries that had been hurting his performance all along, it appears that he actually suffered this ailment during that fateful at-bat.

He *did* make good contact, though.

Speaking of nagging injuries that might quietly be hurting our team's performance, I do hope that they're giving Bronson Arroyo a full-body MRI sometime in the near future.

2 comments to “Welcome Gosling; Get Well Soon, Stanton”

  1. BubbaFan says:

    [url=http://frontier.cincinnati.com/blogs/redsinsider/2007/06/time-to-skip-arroyo.asp]John Fay[/url] asks, [b]”Is It Time to Skip Arroyo?”[/b]

    [quote]The Reds off day Thursday would allow them to skip a starter. Bronson Arroyo sounded like a guy who could use some extra rest after Sunday’s 11-4 loss to Texas.

    Arroyo says he’s fine physically. But he admitted he’s a bit worn down. His struggles began after a 129-pitch effort in San Diego.

    “I’m fine,” he said. “But I don’t feel strong, but nothing’s bothering me. I don’t feel like have as much zip on my fastball. That can pose a problem. People don’t have to respect my off-speed stuff as much.”[/quote]

  2. smartelf says:

    You know what if you ask me (and I know you aren’t) I personally believe Arroyo is the kind of guy who focuses best when a game actually has some kind of importance… what I mean is he is used to a competitive playoff atmosphere from his days with the Red Sox, and our season is simply a wash. he’s a smart guy, he knows Narron is a terrible manager.. right now its in the team’s best interest to lose until Narron is removed from the helm. I am not saying he is consciously laying down or any Red would do that, but on a sub-conscious level they know this season is a wash. I’ve known it since early to mid-May when it was apparent that not only was the bullpen horrible but Narron learned nothing from last season and continued to mishandle guys and fail to learn from the night before.

    Some players are better when the pressure is the highest and I personally think Arroyo is one such player. We’ll find out if the Reds ever become competitive again.

    The only reason we are seeing a delay in Narron’s imminent firing, in my opinion, is because Krivsky needs to cover his own ass and get ready to admit he put his faith in the wrong guy and made some bad moves last year that contributed to the downfall. I don’t think Krivsky is prepared to swallow that bitter pill until he at least has a new plan and direction, which will in all liklihood be his LAST PLAN as Reds GM should it not pan out by the end of his contract. Maybe he is interviewing new candidates now (discreetly). Who knows. I don’t like the way a lot of the meainstream media (including Marty) have given Narron a free-pass by saying he can only play the guys he’s been given. There is a bit more to being a manager than that. Narron was a nice little pick-me-up from the ridiculous Miley era but he has a LONG way to go before he is a competent consistent manager. I did hear Marty mention that Chris Sabo attended the game last weekend. I wonder if that means anything…?