July 1, 2007

Episode 64: The Eighth Inning Show (Versus Cardinals)

Once again the Crack Technical Staff and I turned on the ol’ digital recorder starting in the eighth inning of a Reds game we attended in Great American Ball Park. This episode, however, is even better than the last one, thanks to the addition of the Bellyscratcher and her Proxy–Cardinals fans who are slowly coming to appreciate the wonders of Reds Nation.

In addition to the play-by-play, we talk about:

  • Our pre-game snack at The Machine Room Grille
  • Our tour of the behind-the-scenes stuff (it was totally awesome (but don’t tell Rob Butcher I was there, since he’s the only one who truly knows how “uncontrollable” I am))
  • Having a La Rosa’s pizza delivered to our seats
  • Our post-game plans to hit the Hofbräuhaus after the game, and the Proxy’s deal to buy the first round for everyone if the Cardinals will just come back to win
  • The Cardinals’ inability to come back to win

A fantastic time was had by all. I look forward to doing it again tomorrow.

Episode 64: The Eighth Inning Show (Versus Cardinals) (17.5MB, 25:30)

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