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July 18, 2007

Blue-Collar Baseball

If you're the variety of person who think that FarmersOnly.com would be a good way to meet a nice feller or filly, you may also be interested in checking out Blue-Collar Baseball. The profile of the author explains:

Obviously, I am a HUGE baseball fan. I am also the son of a West Virginia coal miner and I value people that work hard at what they do. I like players and teams that “grind it out” and play the game “the right way”. Primarily I am a Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds fan. As a Pirate fan, I long for the Leyland days and have begun to develop a love for the Detroit Tigers since the beginning of the 2006 season. I am a student and teacher of Geography and I am actively studying St. Louis Cardinals.

I'm not sure that “Geography Teacher” counts as a blue-collar profession, but it does seem to allow for easier readability than if an actual coal miner or something were writing it.

July 18, 2007

Reds Going for the Sweep

In my last day at home before getting back to the grind, I couldn't ask for better daytime entertainment than a good Reds' game. And since they're playing the Braves, I get to watch on TBS. Woo-hoo!

Aaron Harang goes up against John Smoltz this afternoon. Smoltz is a big name with a big history, but he's fresh off the DL.

Here's the line-ups. Thanks C. Trent!

Norris Hopper CF
Jeff Keppinger 2B
Ken Griffey, Jr. RF
Adam Dunn LF
Scott Hatteberg 1B
Edwin Encarnación 3B
David Ross C
Pedro Lopez SS
Aaron Harang P

Harris lf
Renteria ss
CJones 3b
AJones cf
McCann c
Francoeur rf
Johnson 2b
Saltalamacchia 1b
Smoltz p