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July 15, 2007

Watch Out for the Cardinals

While there wasn't much to say about the Reds' game tonight, the Cardinals were busy beating the Phillies to the tune of 10-2 this evening. Albert Pujols has found his home run swing (I guess the home run derby was a good thing--or possibly sitting the All-Star bench) and hit two of them tonight. The rest of the team followed suit, and they collectively scored six on the night.

After they lost 4-10 yesterday and 3-13 the day before that, I'm not prepared to declare that they're making a run for it, but you never know. It's sort of fascinating to watch a team with a recent tradition of winning.

July 15, 2007

LeBron on the ESPYs

Wow, did anyone just see LeBron on the ESPYs performing My Prerogative?

Why doesn't Junior ever do stuff like that?

July 15, 2007

Game 82: Cardinals 11, Reds 7

How Homeric: The Once and Future Fifth StarterSunday's game didn't work out so well for the Reds, but it was lovely for us, out in the sun/moon deck-ish area. We got to watch Homer Bailey, whom The Proxy has been quiet covetous of, fail to find the strike zone on the first pitch all night. But that was just one of many problems we had that game, including but not limited to: they wouldn't let us take our sunblock into the stadium, the mister wasn't on (though they did turn it on later), they were out of onions for the hot dogs, they've discontinued the Goetta Dog, and it was hotter'n hades. All-in-all, not among our best baseball experiences.

Introducing Our Reds All-StarAnd the play didn't help matters. This was during the Narron era, of course, so I was surprised to get to see Javy at all. Of course it was to pinch hit in the fourth in place of Ricky Stone. Might seem sort of a wasteful way to use a pitcher, but it's nothing compared to the fact that Stone allowed two inherited runners to score before he allowed a run of his own.

Oh, Javy struck out, by the way.

Ken Griffey, Jr., on the other hand, had a pretty good game. He went 2-for-4 with three RBI. That's about the best thing you can say about this game, though, so I'll wrap it up there. There have been so many losses since then that we could be talking about!

Reds Lose