July 15, 2007

Watch Out for the Cardinals

While there wasn't much to say about the Reds' game tonight, the Cardinals were busy beating the Phillies to the tune of 10-2 this evening. Albert Pujols has found his home run swing (I guess the home run derby was a good thing--or possibly sitting the All-Star bench) and hit two of them tonight. The rest of the team followed suit, and they collectively scored six on the night.

After they lost 4-10 yesterday and 3-13 the day before that, I'm not prepared to declare that they're making a run for it, but you never know. It's sort of fascinating to watch a team with a recent tradition of winning.

1 comment to “Watch Out for the Cardinals”

  1. BubbaFan says:

    And thanks to that game, the Phillies now have [url=http://www.countdownto10000.com/]10,000 losses[/url]!

    “The worst franchise EVER, in all of pro sports.”