July 1, 2007

Multiple sources say Narron is fired.

I can't honestly say that the wrong guy was fired, but I think Castallini didn't go far enough. Krivsky… you're next !

4 comments to “Multiple sources say Narron is fired.”

  1. BubbaFan says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Narron’s, but I really don’t see how this helps the team. Mid-season firings generally don’t work out well. This smacks of change for the sake of change. Which could as easily make things worse as make things better.

  2. sportznut5150 says:

    jerry narron was the most incompetent manager in the history of the cincinnati reds , he made bob buffoone look like davey johnson and if the reds want to right a previous wrong after this season they should hire ron oester, i’d give anything to see the Big Lazy Adam Dunn the cancer of the reds pull his half-a@#ing BS on ronnie o

  3. BubbaFan says:

    They’ve announced that the interim manager is their advance scout, Pete Mackanin.

  4. KC2HMZ says:

    This is a team that has badly underachieved. To go along with Griffey (elected as an OF starter for the All-Star game), there are others on this team who would probably receive consideration for all-star honors if the team were winning: Dunn for sure, maybe , Gonzalez, and definitely Harang and Phillips.

    Two of the top three HR hitters in the NL are Reds (Dunn, Griffey), and Phillips is one of six players tied for #10. No other team in the league has three guys in the top ten.

    Dunn and Griffey are also top-nine in RBI, there are two other teams in the NL with two players in the top nine, the Astros and the Rockies. Dunn, Phillips, Griffey, Gonzalez are among the top 50 players in the NL in runs scored.

    The Reds as a team are fourth in the league in runs scored, and lead the NL in home runs (the idea that trading away Kearns and Lopez cost the team too much power is a nonstarter).

    Hamilton is a bona fide Rookie-of-the-Year candidate and got more write-in votes in the All-Star balloting than anybody in baseball.

    Only three pitching staffs in the NL have issued fewer walks. Harang is tied for third in the NL in strikeouts.

    Weathers is 15-for-17 in save opportunities, same as Jason Isringhausen of the Cardinals, while Billy Wagner of the Mets is only one game better at 16-for-17. Those are the closers for the two teams that played in the NLCS last year.

    My point (and I think we all knew this) is that there’s plenty of talent here. It hasn’t been properly utilized. For a manager, that’s the perfect recipe for getting fired.

    It will be very interesting to see who becomes the “permanent” replacement (I don’t think it will be Mackanin). But that’s a topic for another post.