July 2, 2007

Episode 65: The End of the Narron Era

It’s only been two days since our last podcast: how will we ever find things to talk about tonight??

We haven’t been able to read and post as much about the team as we’d like today thanks to a day-long trip to the ER with our Crack Technical Son, who was giving us the appendix scare, but we’re trying to make up for it tonight with a podcast. Before we even get into the juicy story, we chat about:

  • The aforementioned trip to the hospital
  • The highlights of the Cincinnati trip with The Scratchers
  • The pros and cons of developing a taste for beer
  • Ken Griffey, Jr. being the Reds’ only representative to the All-Star game
  • The continuing development of Homer Bailey

Under the subhead of Jerry Narron: Once and Future Manager are several more topics for our chattering:

  • The value of firing him now, even though it’s clearly too late for 2007
  • Differences between Narron and Dave Miley
  • Brandon Phillip’s quote and reaction
  • Hoping the Reds will perform a proper manager search in the off-season
  • Going 50-30 the rest of the way to make .500

Plus, you won’t want to miss the anecdote about a math teacher from our high school dying when the school’s basketball team won state. You’ll just have to listen to hear how I tie that in to baseball.

Episode 65: The End of the Narron Era (23.3MB, 33:57)

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1 comment to “Episode 65: The End of the Narron Era”

  1. otto says:

    This “superdave” sounds like an outstanding individual… although anyone who would call themselves that must be a bit of a weenie.