July 9, 2007

Bailey to Louisville

There seems to be a revolving door on the entrance to the Reds' clubhouse these days. In the latest episode of “As The Revolving Door Turns” we find that as of Monday 7/8/07, Homer Bailey has been optioned to Louisville. Infielder Pedro Lopez has been called up from Louisville to fill the thus-opened slot on the 25-man active roster.

Unless somebody goes on the DL, Bailey has to stay at Louisville for at least ten days, meaning he wouldn't be eleigible to return until July 19. This would seem to preclude Bailey making his previously scheduled start against the Braves on July 16. Not that there's any shortage of pitchers who could start that game. Saarloos is back on the 25-man and could do it. So could Gosling. Or they could call up Livingston, or Dumatrait, or Ramirez, or…well, you get the idea. Or Wayne Krivsky could find another team's GM wandering around drunk at the All Star game and convince him to trade a starting pitcher to the Reds for a couple of warm ballpark beers and an autographed mugshot photo of a Florida DUI offender to be named later.

Lopez (as you'll recall the instant I mention it) was claimed by the Reds off waivers from the White Sox back on May 21. Don't rush out to buy your Pedro Lopez jersey just yet, however. For one thing, Lopez hasn't even been assigned a number yet. For another thing, they can option him back to Louisville at any time. There are now seven infielders on the active roster, and only 11 pitchers. They customarily carry 12 pitchers, so I'm sure that revolving door will be spinning again relatively soon.

1 comment to “Bailey to Louisville”

  1. BubbaFan says:

    I’m sure they’ll have no trouble calling up Bailey when they want to. There’s always someone going on the DL (or on bereavement leave).