July 19, 2007

Get Well Soon, George’s Mom

From The Enquirer:

NO GEORGE: George Grande will not call games for FSN Ohio during the Florida series and possibly the Milwaukee series that follows.

He's in Connecticut, attending to his mother, who is ill.

Michael Reghi will fill in. Reghi has done nine years of major-league play-by-play and has done Cleveland Cavaliers games on FSN for 13 years.

Three things come immediately to mind, pretty much simultaneously:

  1. I hope that George's mother is doing better soon. We here at RHM are on double-positive-vibe duty, sending them both to Connecticut as well as toward Alex Gonzalez's family in Florida.
  2. They had to bring in someone else to fill in for George?? They know they hired about 1,500 broadcasters for various media this season, right?
  3. Wait a minute, haven't I mentioned George Grande's mother before? Yep, I sure did. In April of 2005, she had just turned 99 years old, which would make her now--hold on while I get my abacus--101. Dang, that's even longer than the Cubs losing streak.

2 comments to “Get Well Soon, George’s Mom”

  1. smartelf says:

    George is a great announcer. I didn’t get him at first but now I know he has a good sense of humor.. its def. an inside joke him rootin’ for the Cardinals, but heck that was his original employer and how can you fault a guy for loyalty. Certainly he has affinity for the Reds too probably more so even though the team has had less success… I hope he takes after his mom and announces Reds games till he is 120 yrs old! So maybe this is good that they keep Thom out of the TV announcing booth .. although who knows maybe he had a diff. game, I think he does some games for the major Fox channel on the weekends? But yea I don’t see why they couldn’t bring in Steve Stewart who is probably more than capable. Well, who are we to question these things? Its hard enough to figure out which players belong in Louisville. I still have mixed feelings about Stanton though I def. understand the negative sentiment. yesterday he comes up with a cluth strikeout the side inning when we really had to have that sort of thing out of him. He has the capability. The last game I attended he threw two scoreless innings if I remember correctly. He is by no means a worthless commodity as so many have suggested. He is not as reliable as we would like, but if he has the stuff he can still get outs and eat up some late innings, and right now we don’t have a lot of guys I can say that about… although nice jobs by both Saarloos and Gosling yesterday. That was key.

  2. BubbaFan says:

    And in other medical news…

    Harang is on bereavement leave. His grandfather passed away.

    Homer Bailey is on the minor league DL with a groin strain.

    And my Bubba will be undergoing season-ending shoulder surgery tomorrow morning. He’s been on the DL for three months, and wasn’t getting better, so they decided on surgery.