July 21, 2007

Reds Cheers

The Reds have had the MDX Reds Crew for a while now, but these cheerleaders are really just a dance troupe in stirrup socks. I'd like to seem them expand beyond their dance routines and actually lead some cheers, ideally cheers that are specific to particular players.

Here are some ideas to help get them started:

When Homer Bailey takes the mound
HBP, ball, balk,
They can't strike out if they take a walk,

Throw some strikes! Yay!

When Mike Stanton takes over
S-T-A-N-T-O-N is
causing Reds fans grief
S-T-A-N-T-O-N is
not how to spell “relief”

Consider retirement! Woo!

When Adam Dunn comes to the plate
Strike out, slow run, never climb the wall
We don't care
That sacs are rare
Because we dig your long ball!

Hit it hard!

For Brandon Phillips
Hey hey hey hey,

Stay awesome!

Directly to Wayne Krivsky in the stands
Kriv-dawg, Kriv-dawg
Deals need to be made
Kriv-dawg, Kriv-dawg
Just don't repeat The Trade!

Don't get screwed!

2 comments to “Reds Cheers”

  1. smartelf says:

    Wow those last 3 games really killed and reversed our momentum. The bullpen continues to be the culprit and MUST BE ADDRESSED by the deadline otherwise the remainder of this season will be unbearable. It is clear we don’t have an in-house answer to the bullpen woes. Guys are just get constantly recycled. We need a blue chip reliever in the worst way. Guardado when healthy showed us what a blue chip kind of pitcher can bring to our entire bullpen. Unfortunately he was old and fragile when we acquired him, just as most of the guys we acquire for the bullpen are. Like I’ve said before, mothers (and fathers) tell your sons to be pitchers, they have an excellent chance of making millions of dollars without even mastering their craft.

  2. smartelf says:

    GOOD FRIGGIN Lord did I almost blow a gasket at tonight’s game versus the Brewers at GABP. When Lopez dropped that easy pop up I went totally ballistic. All the players heard me because the rest of the crowd was prety much speechless. I called Lopez a scrub (many times over) and I also told Conine he should have caught that foul ball in the 4th inning which allowed that guy Braun to homer a couple pitches later. And just who the hell is that guy Braun? Where did he come from? He is the reason the Brewers are better than expected, putting up huge numbers ahead of Prince Fielder who I kind of figured would bust out this year. Also their former closer Turnbow appears to be back in form. Remember when he was in the dog house last year? We could have gotten that guy super cheap, and he was a good bet to bounce back.. the guy is a flame thrower in the Rob Dibble mold. We need to find guys like that for our bullpen.

    I really cannot believe we escaped a bases loaded no out situation in the 11th. And how about Harang’s performance, going 10 innings! Wow! And seriously if Conine makes a nice play on that foul ball I think he was looking at a CGSO.

    Not much else to report other than I saw Krivsky and John Allen at the batting cage before the game. I gave Kriv-dawg the Texas Longhorn salute. Freel and Brennaman stood at the dugout and signed many autographs, but my son was too busy jibber jabbering with som other kids to go get me a signature. Oh well, maybe next year.

    Go REDS!