July 30, 2007

Episode 69: The Day Before the Deadline

Tonight I finally emerged from my Harry Potter novel, bleary-eyed and squinting in the bright-light that is the baseball world, to chat with the CTS about the goings on of our favorite team. The conversation meandered quite a bit, but I’m sure we covered the basics:

  • The deal that sent Brian “Love” Shackelford to Tampa Bay in exchange for Jorge Cantu
  • The deal that sent Kyle Lohse to Philly in exchange for Matt “Abalone” Maloney
  • The likelihood of anything else happening.
  • The rise to prominence of some familiar fan faces in the Cincinnati media
  • The standings in the NLC

Episode 69: The Day Before the Deadline (22.0MB, 32:07)

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3 comments to “Episode 69: The Day Before the Deadline”

  1. Joel says:

    One correction. Lohse is a free agent after this season. And he’s a Scott Boras client. And he’s going to get PAID. Ergo, he had to be traded for whatever.

    Otherwise, good stuff. Well, except the Harry Potter stuff. Who reads that? 😛

  2. Red Hot Mama says:

    Hi, Joel. Welcome to Red Hot Mama! We purposely put things in the podcast just to lure you into correcting them. See how our devious plan would have worked? If it had really be a devious plan?

  3. KC2HMZ says:

    Well, the Reds had Lohse for a total of a year, give or take a day or two; he had some starts that he blew up in, but if you look at his overall numbers in a Reds uniform, he was an asset while he was here; and the Reds obtained a better prospect when they traded him away than the one they traded to get him.

    Beyond that, Lohse was a guy Krivsky brought in himself, so once again we see where Krivsky’s not afraid to cut bait on his own acquisitions when it comes time for him to do so.